During 2016, I have become mildly obsessed with classic mysteries in their various styles. It started with a decision to read all of the Hercule Poirot mysteries in 2015, which was successfully completed in November of last year. Then, having enjoyed that so much, I read a number of Agatha’s stand-alones, and intended to read the Marple mysteries in 2016, but never got around to it (plan for 2017).

After reading a lot of Agatha Christie, I discovered Dean Street Press as well as the British Library Crime Classics, and, along with those presses, discovered that the ebook revolution has had the lovely collateral effect of bring long out-of-print authors back into print, often for a few bucks a book!

So, for 2017, I’ve decided to indulge in my passion for classic mystery & suspense and to read as many of them as I want! I’ll also try to go back and post about the ones that I’ve read that I’ve never written up! I am going to organize this page by author to keep track of them, and note the setting and my rating in parentheses after the link to the post! The Christie posts will be collected on a separate page for the Christie Project, which you can find here.

I am also intentionally not limiting this project to the “golden age of detective fiction,” which is roughly the 1920’s and 1930’s. I want to go broader than that so I can include authors like M.M. Kaye, Helen MacInnes and Patricia Wentworth, who predominantly wrote in the 1940’s and 1950’s. For purposes of this project, anything written more than 50 years ago (so, 1967) is fair game. And even that is subject to change!


Bude, John: Death on the Riviera (3.5 stars, France/South)


Heyer, Georgette: No Wind of Blame (3 stars, England)


Kaye, M.M.
Death in the Andamans (4 stars, Andaman Islands)
Death in Berlin (2.5 stars, Germany/Berlin)


Thynne, Molly: The Crime at Noah’s Ark (3 stars, England)