After discussing the blog with my co-blogger, Obsidian Blue, I’m going to be shutting down Bookish Pursuits sometime after the new year, but before my domain renews in March. Continuing to pay the hosting fees on a blog in which I’ve lost interest doesn’t make sense.

I will continue to be active on Booklikes, and you can find me there as Moonlight Reader. Obsidian Blue will also continue to be active on Booklikes, and you can find her reviews, comments, and other posts on her blog at Obsidian Blue.

I’ve also decided that I need a fresh blogging start to document my two main reading loves: classic crime and vintage women authors. I’m going to be blogging about classic crime at Peril at Whitehaven Mansions and about vintage women authors at All The Vintage Ladies. If you’re interested in either of those topics, follow me there!

This blog will remain up for the next three to four months as I slowly migrate my content to other places – some of it will be posted on the new blogs, where it fits, and some of it will just be saved into document for posterity!

Happy reading!