I’m not sure how successful I will be in reanimating the corpse of this poor blog, but I’m going to give it a try!

Rather than try to review every book I read – a goal that is doomed to failure because I just read far too many books to ever accomplish this, and I don’t actually find writing reviews to be all that interesting – I am going to make an effort to track my two current main reading projects on this blog:

1. Mansions, Moonlight and Menace: this project has been going for a couple of years and is focused on gothic literature, both classic and more modern, which would include the category of new gothic or gothic romance that is represented by Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, Phyllis Whitney, Barbara Michaels, Dorothy Eden and Madeleine Brent. Some of these authors have had their backlists published as kindle books, including Phyllis Whitney, who has been picked up by Open Road Media, and Mary Stewart, whose catalog became available to US readers in September, 2017. These are increasinly easy to obtain, and the ones that aren’t yet available digitally are often available used through various websites.

2. The Detection Club: This is my main reading love right now! So much vintage crime is being reissued for the kindle for just a few dollars, providing an opportunity to read authors who are long out of print. This would’ve been impossible five years ago, so the opportunity is really just truly incredible. I did a Poirot project not long ago, and read them all. I posted about some of them, but most of them got by me without a write up and I am ready for a reread in any case. This category also includes Patricia Wentworth, Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy Sayers, and Margery Allingham, as well as the British Library Crime Classics. I am in love with the BLCC editions and am really interested in getting to know some of these authors that have been neglected for many years.

I may be adding a project related to vintage spy fiction at some point – I read a ton of cold war spy fiction in my youth and would love to revisit some of it.