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In case some people are wondering where I went on Booklikes, I finally deleted my account.

I decided to import my books over from Goodreads since a lot of people started messaging asking where my other reviews were. I directed them towards the blog, but I guess a lot of people don’t like looking in a bunch of places for reviews which is understandable.

So I exported my reviews from Goodreads and reviewed the CVS file. I made sure I deleted out reviews from prior to January 1, 2017. I logged into Booklikes and finally hit the import button. Things were going smoothly and then I realized when I went to the import page that I had a bunch of books on my page 1 that were not part of my Goodreads file. I start getting worried that maybe even after deleting the rows prior to January 1, 2017 that Booklikes could somehow still read them. So I go into the import page and start deleting out the books. I, in my complete stupidity never put two and two together and realize these are books from the last time I imported books into Booklikes from four years ago and they are connected to my current reviews/shelves on Booklikes.

I also don’t realize until that moment that Booklikes posts reviews/books from import without looking for duplicates.

So in about five minutes I see a bunch of books I already posted onto Booklikes there twice. So I go through and start hitting the remove button on the import page. And that was my fifth or sixth mistake at this point. Those books I was removing were connecting to my current reviews from the past couple of weeks and they went poof. I realized that after I went to Booklike’s page for one of the books I removed and saw my review was no longer there.

The duplicates I saw all over the page made no sense to me. How can Booklikes not check out each edition and merge reviews so that all reviews stay with the book?  That has been a common complaint I have made for the past couple of months that I see is still not fixed.  I saw that all of my shelves were completely messed up and even removing the book from one shelve did not remove it from the All shelve.

So within 30 minutes my total number of reviews danced towards 900 (I should only have 851). After removing and trying to clean up I went down to 816. So with having no more F’s left to give I just deleted my account.

I hate that I lost everything, but there is no fixing these. Others have offered to help, Booklikes has never gotten back to me about shelves issues even though I emailed them repeatedly during the past year about it. So that’s it. When I get some time and don’t want to kick my computer dead I will just re-create another account. There’s not much to do at that point.



  1. That sounds like a potentially avoidable pain in the butt. Wow. If only BL worked as advertised. Sorry you had to go through any of that.

    • Thanks. I am so mad and I feel bad that a lot of people started freaking when I said that and emailed me. I just can’t with the fact that nothing has been done about the shelves/edition issues for more than a year. I can’t believe that no one realized that the import function should not keep imports from prior imports still on that page, that there is not a cancel button to hit to make things pause. Gah.

  2. That is so terrible! I feel so bad for you, Blue! You invested so much time into your BL account & your reviews!

    • I know. I will try to create an account this morning before I get busy at work. I’ll just do the export import thing. I’m just mad at losing everything. All my day in the Life blog posts.

  3. I’m sorry that happened to you. Now, you pointed this out, I don’t have any clue either what to do… Thank you for sharing this with us!

    (Also, you’re not on BL anymore, I’m sad..)

    • I got it back up today. But this is definitely a cautionary tale to anyone that pops back to BL later on wanting to revive their account. It may suck to pull things in manually, but until they fix their import function, it is going to be a mess.

    • It’s definitely something to keep in mind. I think they just need to fix their import function and should have a function in shelves or somewhere that allows them to look for duplicates.

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