If there is one thing that I absolutely adore, it’s the intersection of books and fabric. I keep hoping that one of my favorite designers will do a Hercule Poirot collection, with art deco styling, motifs like tiny revolvers, luggage labels, and moustaches and bowlers. But, I digress, even though such a fabric line would be AWESOME.

Today, I am giving you all a preview of a fabric line that I just discovered, by a designer named Heather Givans, called “Literary.” And, oh, how beautiful it is!

All kinds of bookish and library stylings are available, in two separate colorways: Heartfelt (with purple accents) and Touching (primarily blues).

These prints! We have checkout cards & date stamps – here is a closeup view:

The bookshelves come in three color versions:

The text print comes in four color versions: white on navy, purple on gray, white on blue and blue on white. And the text is from Lucy Maud Montgomery – both Anne of Green Gables and her Emily series!:

The “flagship” print of the line is this one, with bookcovers:

There are also fun background prints – tiny stars and end papers in multiple color versions.

All in all, this collection is a home run for Moonlight Reader & I can’t wait to get my hot little crafting hands on it in April! I see a literary quilt sometime in 2017!