Romance Book Bingo 2017: Pirates Argh square

Pirates Argh square is going to be a fun one I think for all of us. The romance genre is awash with pirates! The first pirate book I recall reading (okay stealing from my mom) was Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsay. I had no idea at all what it was about, but I used to race home everyday for a week in order to read it before my mom got home from work. I do believe that was when I found out the many euphemism for the male member.

Here are some books for those out there looking to fill in the pirates argh square:

There are a bunch of books that fit this square and if you have any ideas, feel free to drop a line in the post.

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  1. I totally love that you’re adding Stardust to the list. 😀

  2. Hi y’all

    I’m up for a decent pirate book. Which would you recommend?

    Books, Hockey, Snark

  3. I have a soft spot for Guardian Angel by Julie Garwood. That is probably because of the fact that when you find out who the pirate is, actually makes me smile.

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