Romance Book Bingo 2017: Blown Away Square

Blown away can mean the cover shows the man/woman or man and woman being blown away, someone being blown away in the story, or even being blown away by love. There are a lot of fun ways to do this one.

Here are some books and by the way these covers are awesome!



These covers are awesome. Seriously. I may have cracked up. Like a lot. But I also think they work since they show a sense of being blown away by wind.



I love that most of these book also fit our Pirates Argh, Historical Romance, Man in a Kilt, and Rogue square. Heck I think this may even fit the heaving bosoms and eyeshadow square.

Other books that work for this are also:


I definitely think that “The Thorn Birds” counts as blown away by love. And I read the Escape to New Zealand series and the first book definitely would count towards that.

Happy reading!


  1. The Thorn Birds absolutely needs to count in the blown away by love category. It quite possibly is also the only book in the romance genre ever that blew me away. 😀

  2. hm,….
    I don’t think I will have time. I have a bunch of books sitting on my shelves that I am dying to read……….none of them feature pirates, bosoms, men in kilts (I get plenty of them in real life, tho, especially with Hogmanay coming up), or any other of the bingo squares.

    It’s cool tho. I really look forward to just watching what everyone else is reading and commenting for this bingo game. 😀

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